International Paper Awards

Elected as ELLIS (European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems) Fellow by the ELLIS Section Committee, 2020

WASABI (2014) Best Workshop Paper Award and Extended Semantic Web Conference “Best of Workshops” Award

for “CROCUS: Cluster-based ontology data cleansing”, with D. Cherix, R. Usbeck, A. Both

Best Student Paper Award at the International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) 2007

for “A Refinement Operator Based Learning Algorithm for the ALC Description Logic” and “Foundations of Refinement Operators for Description Logics” (USD 1500 price), with P. Hitzler

Other Awards and Nomination


Best Student Paper Candidate at KEOD 2021

for “A Scalable Approach for Distributed Reasoning over Large-scale OWL Datasets”, with H. Mohamed, S. Fathalla, H. Jabeen


First runner-up for best paper award at the WISE conference 2020

for “Encoding Knowledge Graph Entity Aliases in Attentive Neural Network for Wikidata Entity Linking-2020”, with Isaiah Onando Mulang’, Kuldeep Singh, Akhilesh Vyas, Saeedeh Shekarpour, Maria-Esther Vidal, Jens Lehmann, Soren Auer


Best Student Paper Candidate at ISWC 2020

for “Temporal Knowledge Graph Embedding Model based on Additive Time Series Decomposition”, with Chengjin Xu, Nayyeri Mojtaba, Fouad Alkhoury, Hamed Shariat Yazdi


ICEGOV Award Nomination 2019

with Fathoni Musyaffa, Hajira Jabeen (see


Runner Up for Best Paper Award at ISCS (International Conference on Semantic Computing) 2017

for “Torpedo: Improving the State-of-the-Art RDF Dataset Slicing”, with E. Marx, S. Shekarpour, T. Soru, A. Brasoveanu, M. Saleem, C. Baron, A. Weichselbraun, A. Ngonga Ngomo, S. Auer


Fraunhofer IAIS Paper of the Month Award

for “AskNow: A Framework for Natural Language Query Formalization in SPARQL” March 2017, with M. Dubey, S. Dasgupta, A. Sharma, K. Höffner


Best Paper at CSCUBS 2017 student conference

for “Dialogue Response Generation using Neural Networks with Attention and Background Knowledge”, with S. Kosovan and A. Fischer


Fraunhofer IAIS Paper of the Month Award 2017

for “LC-QuAD: A Corpus for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs”, November 2017, with P. Trivedi, G. Maheshwari, M. Dubey


International Semantic Web Conference (2017) Best Student Resource Paper Award Nomination

for “LC-QuAD: A Corpus for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs, November 2017, with P. Trivedi, G. Maheshwari, M. Dubey


The META Seal of Recognition 2015 for DBpedia



DBpedia selected by ReadWriteWeb 2009

as top 10 Semantic Web product


Runner up in the ISWC 2009 Semantic Web challenge for LinkedGeoData

with S. Auer and C. Stadler


Nomination for the 2008 Award

of the Andrew W. Mellon foundation for DBpedia


Many prizes in national math olympics on regional, state and country level 1992- 2000

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