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Lehmann, Jens

Hybrid Learning of Ontology Classes Inproceedings

In: Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition, 5th International Conference, MLDM 2007, Leipzig, Germany, July 18-20, 2007, Proceedings, pp. 883–898, Springer, 2007.

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Auer, Sören; Bizer, Christian; Kobilarov, Georgi; Lehmann, Jens; Cyganiak, Richard; Ives, Zachary G.

DBpedia: A Nucleus for a Web of Open Data Inproceedings

In: The Semantic Web, 6th International Semantic Web Conference, 2nd Asian Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2007 + ASWC 2007, Busan, Korea, November 11-15, 2007, pp. 722–735, Springer, 2007, (ISWC 10 Year Best Paper Award).

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Auer, Sören; Dietzold, Sebastian; Lehmann, Jens; Riechert, Thomas

OntoWiki: A Tool for Social, Semantic Collaboration Inproceedings

In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Social and Collaborative Construction of Structured Knowledge (CKC 2007) at the 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007) Banff, Canada, May 8, 2007,, 2007.

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Lehmann, Jens

Concept Learning in Description Logics Masters Thesis

TU Dresden, 2006, (Diploma Thesis in Computer Science, supervisors: Dr. habil. Pascal Hitzler, Prof. Steffen Hölldobler).

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Lehmann, Jens

Extracting Logic Programs from Artificial Neural Networks Informal Publications

2005, ("Großer Beleg", supervisors: Dr. Pascal Hitzler, Dipl. Inf. Sebastian Bader, Prof. Steffen Hölldobler).

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Lehmann, Jens

Semantische Indizierung Informal Publications

2005, (Äusarbeitung zu Ängewandte Systeme der KI"").



Lehmann, Jens

Nachfragende und konzeptbasierte Metainterpreter in Prolog Informal Publications

2004, (Praktikum "Neuronale Netze und fallbasiertes Schließen").

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Lehmann, Jens

Go and AI Informal Publications

2004, (seminar "Game Playing Computers and Artificial Intelligence").

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Lehmann, Jens

Das SMV-System Informal Publications

2003, (Proseminar Modale Logik).

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